Spirit Caravan at Fubar, 11/18/15

Grizzled royalty
The line funs Chuck to Keith to
Lemmy to Wino

- link: Spirit Caravan

Elder at Fubar, 11/18/15

Bands like this make me
Wish I still had a van and
Smoked a lot more pot

- link: Elder

Path of Might at Fubar, 11/18/15

Cool riffs are cooler
With minor key interludes
Heavy hazy cool

- link: Path of Might

Van Buren at Fubar, 11/18/15

The bass was noodle
The drums were off-beat jazzy
But still all Metal

- link: Van Buren

Red Mouth at the Schlafly Tap Room, 11/14/15

Not sure what it is
But something about this guy
Makes my damn soul sing

- link: Red Mouth

Red Mouth at the Schlafly Tap Room, 11/14/15

The dance moves of Tok
The high-pitched keen of Reuter
But where the box at?

- link: Red Mouth

Baby Baby Dance With Me at the Schlafly Tap Room, 11/14/15

That dark drunk garage
'Twixt Stones & Pussy Galore
Woozy weirdness rock!

- link: Baby Baby Dance With Me

Cal & the Calories at Foam, 11/12/15

Fuck around-y songs
Played all fuck around-y style
And it's fuckin' great

- link: Cal & the Calories

Braver at Chill Dawg Cove, 11/04/15

Brit-accent vocals
But in a Ted Leo way
So it was okay

- link: Braver

DinoFight at Blueberry Hill, 10/24/15

They sound like they're from
Boston, circa '88
That's a sound I dig

- link: DinoFight

Michael Schaerer and Amy Miller at Blumenhof Winery, 10/18/15

I think legally
They *had* to play Wagon Wheel
But they kept it short

- link: Michael Schaerer
- link: Amy Miller

Failure at the Firebird, 10/17/15

They sounded good but
It's all so deeply planned that
It kills my boner.

- link: Failure

Local H at the Firebird, 10/17/15

New drummer did great!
Those are some big shoes to fill
But he pulled it off

- link: Local H

Broncho at Old Rock House, 10/14/15

They've gotten weirder
Or they're taking better drugs
Or maybe both

- link: Broncho

Twinsmith at Old Rock House, 10/14/15

Though I was mostly
Left feeling vampire weakened
I did not hate them

- link: Twinsmith

Railhazer at Just Bill's Place, 10/10/15

They're stealth metal dudes
Everybody has short hair
And just two beardos

- link: Railhazer

Noesis at Just Bill's Place, 10/10/15

Small town metal dudes
Have nothing but practice time
Keep pluggin' away

- link: Noesis

Gang of Four at Old Rock House, 10/08/15

Took a couple songs,
But then the weird "90's" feel
Won my ears over

- link: Gang of Four

Father John Misty at the Pageant, 10/07/15

He straddles the line
Between soulful crooner and
Ironic jackass

- link: Father John Misty

Tess & Dave at the Pageant, 10/07/15

I liked when his guitar
Killed both of the dancing gals
Then rocked them alive

- link: Tess & David

4th City Rag at Pancake Production HQ, 10/03/15

I like Olde Time-y
Like this, Holy Modal-y
Not hippie grass-y

- link: 4th City Rag

Bobby Stevens at Pancake Production HQ, 10/03/15

Perched 'pon top the roof
Dealing out utter beauty
In his offhand way

- link: Bobby Stevens

Popular Mechanics at Schlafly Tap Room, 10/02/15

Who' that new drummer?
His kit's tiny, but he rocks
The shit out of it!

- link: Popular Mechanics

Bitchin' Seahorse at Pancake Production HQ, 10/02/15

Like Daniel Johnston
With toy instruments, costumes,
Songs about whale cock

- link: Bitchin' Seahorse

Brainstems at Schlafly Tap Room, 10/01/15

Only caught the end
But T. Rex cover teases
Always grab my ears

- link: Brainstems

Fister at Fubar, 10/01/15

Mountain-man doom-drone
That might make you poop your pants
Kill 'em on tour, dudes!

- link: Fister

Grand Inquisitor at Fubar, 10/01/15

Psych-rock interludes
Made the screaming math-metal
Even heavier

- link: Grand Inquisitor

Bastard at Fubar, 10/01/15

Liked the wall of AARRGH
Wished I could have better heard
The guitar solos

- link: Bastard

Public Speaking at Foam, 09/28/15

Cinema-scale sound
And ancient rhythms plus the
Heartbeat of our bricks

- link: Public Speaking

Beach House at The Pageant, 09/27/15

So many fist pumps,
Dude dancing, unreserved glee.
Best Pageant show? Totes!

- link: Beach House

Misty Mountain Bluegrass at the Fall Festival of the Arts & Crafts (Wash, MO), 09/26/15

"Wabash Cannonball"
As summer turns to autumn
And I drink a beer

- link: Misty Mountain Bluegrass

The Jans Project at Off Broadway, 09/19/15

Just when you think they've
Reached peak groove and max coolness:
Here come the Briquettes!

- link: The Jans Project

Cave States at Off Broadway, 09/19/15

You know you're good when
You've played for more than an hour
And the crowd still cares

- link: Cave States

Idle Hour Club at Off Broadway, 09/19/15 (in Mad Ape Den)

For one who may dig
An ode by the MN Sub Set
The Nap Era Mob Set!

- link: Idle Hour Club

Comrade Catbox at Blumenhof Winery, 09/18/15

You'd expect shouts of
"Play more covers!" but instead
Folks just up and left!

- link: Comrade Catbox

Comrade Catbox at Blumenhof Winery, 09/18/15

Is this anti-folk
Or Brian Jonestown-ish art-psych
Or is this just bad?

- link: Comrade Catbox

Daren Gratton at Foam, 09/15/15

A dozen people
Well beyond their cutoff points,
Post-party? Rain check.

- link: Daren Gratton

Time Against Light at Kismet Creative Center, 09/15/15

"Todd's not here tonight"
Yet the sounds could be no more
Full if they'd been three.

- link: Time Against Light

Syna So Pro at Kismet Creative Center, 09/15/15

A whole chorus of
Chinese women, or a lone
Starling at sunset

- link: Syna So Pro

Run-On Sunshine at Kismet Creative Center, 09/15/15

Who cares that he's out
Of tune? The energy's the
Thing. He's in HIS tune.

- link: Run-On Sunshine

Murphy Lee at the Rams pep rally downtown, 09/13/15

Mr. Charisma
Works the crowd with just a smile
And a microphone

- link: Murphy Lee

Chingy at the Rams pep rally downtown, 09/13/15

Crowd dancing errwhurr
Ladies letting down their hurr
A great show right thurr

- link: Chingy

Huey at the Rams pep rally downtown, 09/13/15

The dude was doing
Shots of Fireball on the stage
And it was awesome

- link: Huey

Rum Drum Ramblers at Art Outside at Schafly Bottleworks, 09/11/15

1-4-5 Blues tunes
But never paint-by-numbers
Get it? Art joke! Ha!

- link: Rum Drum Ramblers

Spaceface at Blank Space, 09/10/15

You start drifting off
Through the galaxy. Then they
Turn the engines on.

- link: Spaceface

The Eye Jabs at Blank Space, 09/10/15

The tunes ain't bad but
The antics and costumes are.
Just play the music!

- link: The Eye Jabs

Tok at Blank Space, 09/10/15

This music is just
So damn standard that it hurts.
I need some magic.

- link: Tok

Dengue Fever at the Firebird, 09/06/15

Though Chhom was charming
The eerie guitar sounds made
This Phnom-enal!

- link: Dengue Fever

Whoa Thunder at the Firebird, 09/06/15

Like if Sparks hooked up
With Game Theory instead of
Franz Ferdinand

- link: Whoa Thunder

Babes in Toyland at the Firebird, 08/27/15

They smiled sheepishly
As they took the stage. But then?
They burned that bitch down.

- link: Babes in Toyland

Fea at the Firebird, 08/27/15

It seemed the whole crowd
Was totally won over
By Fea's proud punk rock

- link: Fea

Friends of Aaron at John G's Bier Deck, 08/27/15

Non-corny trad-jazz
Nice arrangements, good playing
WashMo's Stan Kenton

- link: Friends of Aaron

Opiate: The Tool Experience at Blueberry Hill, 08/22/15

Obligation led me here.
Not too bad, really.

- link: Opiate: The Tool Experience

SkareKrau Radio at Schlafly Tap Room, 08/20/15

Glad that other gal
Got off the stage after two songs
No Kuu was in her

- link: skarekrauradio

Foo Fighters at Riverport, 08/19/15

Dave Grohl broke his leg
Played badass show from a throne
With lasers and shit

- link: Foo Fighers

Dubb Nubb at Foam (outside), 08/11/15

They are at their best
In their natural element:
unmiked and outdoors.

- link: Dubb Nubb

Girlpool at Foam, 08/11/15

Softies go emo?
Minimal guitar/bass songs
For big and small rooms.

- link: Girlpool

Frankie Cosmos at Foam, 08/11/15

At the crossroads of
Heartbroken and whimsical
Stands this awesome band.

- link: Frankie Cosmos

The Mekons at house party, 07/12/15

Enough energy
To fill a stadium and
Still weirdly perfect

- link: Mekons

Wild and Blue: A Tribute to Anne Tkach at Off Broadway, 07/10/15

We celebrate Anne
With kindness, hugs and music.
Just like she taught us.

link: event page

The Supermen under the Kingshighway Bridge, 07/04/15

Beyond Thunderdome
Skateboarding, fireworks, chaos.
I hope no one died.

- link: The Supermen

CaveOfSwords at the City Museum, 07/04/15

Last night on the roof
The heaviest of riffage
Was filling the dome

- link: CaveOfSwords

Blondie at Fair St. Louis, 07/03/15

It's like you forget
That they have a billion hits
Played most of 'em, too.

- link: Blondie

American Authors at Fair St. Louis, 07/03/15

The worst thing we've heard
In at least a year. We called
It "Mumford and Fun.s"

- link: American Authors

Sloan at Blueberry Hill, 06/25/15 (part 2 of 2)

An Evening with Sloan
Second set was hit parade
We bounced with pure joy

- link: Sloan

Sloan at Blueberry Hill, 06/25/15 (part 1 of 2)

An Evening with Sloan
At the end of the first set
"Coax Me" made me cry

- link: Sloan

Yowie at The Bootleg, 06/20/15 (RFT Showcase)

They dared folks to dance
But I've never had problems
Gettin' my groove on

- link: Yowie

Sleepy Kitty at the Ready Room, 06/20/15 (RFT Showcase)

Jam-packin' the room
Like hometown boostin' heroes
On a rocket ride

- link: Sleepy Kitty

Black Fast at The Demo, 06/20/15 (RFT Showcase)

Squeedle squeedle squee
Chunk chunk ch-chunk chunk ch-chunk
Fuck yeah! Hail Satan!

- link: Black Fast

Endora at SOHO, 06/20/15 (RFT Showcase)

Some songs I had heard
But all re-arranged and rich
And spooky. And cool.

- link: Endora

Whoa Thunder at Layla, 06/20/15 (RFT Showcase)

Might be the best band
That some of them have been in
I ain't sayin' who

- link: Whoa Thunder

Trigger 5 at the Gramophone, 06/20/15 (RFT Showcase)

Honky tonk good times
That almost made me boot scoot
I'll drink more next time

- link: Trigger 5

We Bite at The Bootleg, 06/20/15 (RFT Showcase)

Room sound was way off
Which is too bad, cuz the look
Was forelock solid

- link: We Bite

Bug Chaser at Atomic Cowboy, 06/20/15 (RFT Showcase)

That one song they have
That throws in an extra beat
Makes me all woozy

- link: Bug Chaser

Eric Hall at SOHO, 06/20/15 (RFT Showcase)

His sparse soundscapes were
The perfect soundtrack to my
Afternoon chill time

- link: Eric Hall