Black Wizard at Fubar, 05/21/15

I rarely smoke pot
But stoner rock hits so good
You can call me Cheech

- link: Black Wizard

Valley at Fubar, 05/21/15

They showed much restraint
By not busting sweet dual leads
In every song

- link: Valley

Path of Might at Fubar, 05/21/15

I wish the vocals
Were just a hair less bark-y
Cuz the riffs were great!
- link: Path of Might

Jenny Lewis at the Ready Room, 05/17/15

She does, gracefully,
What Liz Phair has been trying
To do for decades.

- link: Jenny Lewis

They Might Be Giants at the Pageant, 05/16/15

Their wholesome image
Shatters, comically, when
Flans says the S-word

- link: They Might Be Giants
- via reader "Raccoon"

SkareKrauRadio at the Schlafly Tap Room, 05/14/15

I was thrown a bit
By them in matching dresses
But then chaos reigned

- link: ScareKrauRadio

TV on the Radio at the Ready Room, 05/14/15

I always chase this
Magic feeling and they just
Hand it out freely.

- link: TV on the Radio

Bob Dylan at the Fox, 05/11/15 (6/6)

Bob Dylan can sing
The current tour proves that much.
How it's always been.

- via reader Dana Smith
- link: Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan at the Fox, 05/11/15 (5/6)

Bob Dylan's band
Is a well-oiled machine that
Can play anything

- via reader Dana Smith
- link: Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan at the Fox, 05/11/15 (4/6)

You'll go for the tunes
You'll be primed with the first set
Mind blown on second

- via reader Dana Smith
- link: Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan at the Fox, 05/11/15 (3/6)

The theatre walls fell down
During "Simple Twist of Fate"
We floated away

- via reader Dana Smith
- link: Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan at the Fox, 05/11/15 (2/6)

It's an old cliche
Dylan's just like a fine wine
Gets better with age

- via reader Dana Smith
- link: Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan at the Fox, 05/11/15 (1/6)

Pay close attention
During "Early Roman Kings"
Jamming with the band

- via reader Dana Smith
- link: Bob Dylan

Darsombra at Koken Art Factory, 05/06/15

Warm noise-psych yogis!
Is this what acid is like?
If so, sign me up.

- link: Darsombra

Eric Hall at Koken Art Factory, 05/06/15

Trippy visuals
And sound loops made me space out.
In a good way, though.

- link: Eric Hall

Tory Z Starbuck at Koken Art Factory, 05/06/15

"He kinda looks like
Vivian from the Young Ones.
I like his playing."

- accidental haiku via 8-year-old poet Pepper
- link: Tory Z Starbuck

Too Many Daves at Fubar, 05/04/15

There is a pure joy
That lifer punk rockers have
They let us share it

- link: Too Many Daves

Braddock at Fubar, 05/04/15

Stadium punk rock
For anthemic sing-alongs
But nobody did

- link: Braddock

Tyler Damon / Darin Gray at the William Kerr Foundation, 05/04/15

Songs for the children
Playing on trash behind them
As the darkness fell

- link: Tyler Damon
- link: Darin Gray
- link: event

Wolf Alice at the Demo, 05/03/15

Small but warm crowd, a
Band that's clearly thrilled to tour:
A fun Sunday night.

- link: Wolf Alice
- via reader Mike Appelstein

Made Violent at the Demo, 05/03/15

Like Soul Asylum's
Nephews, but mediocre.
Awkward stage banter.

- link: Made Violent
- via reader

BugLoverDemonChaser on Cherokee Street, 05/02/15

They made him tighter
He made them loose-y goose-y
And we all got dumb

- link: Bug Chaser
- link: Demonlover

River Rats at Mile Marker 68.3 Bier Fest, 04/25/15

Your stoner uncles
Playing classic rock and folk
Perfect bier soundtrack

- link: River Rats

Sleater-Kinney at the Pageant, 04/24/15

They sounded great but
They're not really my jam. Still:
I got mad respect.

- link: Sleater-Kinney

THEESatisfaction at the Pageant, 04/24/15

I liked them a lot
But they were kind of flat live.
Will buy the album!

- link: THEESatisfaction

Sufjan Stevens at the Peabody Opera House, 04/20/15

No hippies dancing
No capes, no halos, no wings
I miss "fun" Sufjan

- via reader
- link: Sufjan Stevens

Cold Specks at the Peabody Opera House, 04/20/15

Afro-beat droning
With Mountain Blues earthiness
And Siouxsie vocals

- link: Cold Specks

Chuck Prophet and the Mission Express at Off Broadway, 04/16/15

Charisma and charm
Plus perfectly crafted songs
Delivered with style

- link: Chuck Prophet

The Incurables at Off Broadway, 04/16/15

Thanks to the Lawd for
Giving us rock. Without which
We'd be lost. Amen.

- link: The Incurables

Sole Loan, Ransom Note, This City of Takers, Peck of Dirt at the Schlafly Tap Room, 04/11/15

Damn. Rest in peace, Anne.
We do a good Irish wake.
I wish we didn't.

- link: Ransom Note
- link: This City of Takers

Peck of Dirt / Sole Loan combo at Schlafly Tap Room, 04/11/15

Tony be shreddin'
Maow maow maow maow neener maow
Hell yeah, go Tony

- link: event
- via rader ETH

Exodus at Pop's, 04/10/15

Got there pretty late
No "Bonded in Blood" for me
Still rocked my old ass

- link: Exodus

Testament at Pop's, 04/10/15

The way the singer
Air guitared all the solos
Was just goddamned cute

- link: Testament

Twerps at the Billiken Club, 04/09/15

Intertwining guitars
Truly funny stage banter
Utterly charming

- link: Twerps

The Body at Blank Space, 04/08/15

Sludge-doom duo rock
All of that low-end prob'bly
Rearranged my guts

link: The Body

Faultfinder at Blank Space, 04/08/15

Wasn't expecting
Them to be so gothy rock
Not disappointed

- link: Faultfinder

RED and Capone at Pop's, 03/28/15

I think it's okay
To go have a cigarette
During Chickenfoot

- link: RED

Chingy at the Ready Room, 03/21/15

"That Gucci leather/
It make her coochie wetter."
Can't argue with that.

- link: Chingy

Swervedriver at the Duck Room, 03/17/15

How do they do it?
These new songs are just as good
As the old songs! Yay!

- link: Swervedriver

Motown on Mondays at Blank Space, 03/09/15

Ain't too proud to beg:
Please keep this night going for
Ever and ever

- link: Motown on Monday

CaveofswordS at the Demo, 03/06/15

They're the band on stage
When there's a vampire attack
In Buffy reruns

- link: CaveofswordS

Middle Class Fashion at the Demo, 03/06/15

The sound is weird here
Of they're all drum-n-bass now
Or maybe both things

- link: Middle Class Fashion

Demonlover at CBGB, 02/07/15

"Super disjointed,
Kind of oddly dark sounding,
Pretty fun, really."

- link: Demonlover
- accidental haiku via reader Joe H.

Brainstems at Schlafly Tap Room, 02/07/15

Hard-drivin' riffage
No time to stop for a breath

- link: Brainstems

Trauma Harness at Schlafly Tap Room, 01/29/15

Ev'ry single time
They seem to have all new songs
When's the dang album?!

- link: Trauma Harness

Hardbody at Schlafly Tap Room, 01/29/15

It just cracks me up
That I can say "Yowie-esque"
And that means something

- link: Hardbody

Skin Tags at Schlafly Tap Room, 01/29/15

No wave fuzz jazz stew:
Bang on bass, Bee on guitar
Add drums. Add screaming'.

- link: Skin Tags

Trauma Harness at Fubar, 01/22/15

None are more weirder
Than the Belleville punk rockers
So trebly, so great

- link: Trauma Harness

Breakmouth Annie at Fubar, 01/22/15

Naught to do with it,
But bassist reminds me of
Joe from PCC

- link: Breakmouth Annie

Eaten Back To Life at Fubar, 01/22/15

First day, half way in,
Already sick of pop-punk
But these guys are great!

- link: Eaten Back To Life

Horror Section at Fubar, 01/22/15

Black t-shirts & jeans
If you're gonna wear the suits,
Bring the jams. They did!

- link: Horror Section

Extremely Pointless at Helen Fitzgerald's, 01/17/15

Like falling asleep
On a plane and waking up
In a foreign land

- link: Extremely Pointless

Crazy Aunt Linda at Otis Campbell's, 01/16/15

Nineties-rock covers
Not usually my jams
But when in Rome, right?

- link: Crazy Aunt Linda

Motown on Mondays at Blank Space, 12/22/14

Sweet Baby Jesus
There are few things I love more
Than smiling dancers

- link: Motown on Mondays

SkareKrau Radio at the Schlafly Tap Room, 12/18/14

New singer sings well
Nobody showed their wiener
Hmm, is this progress?

- link: SkareKrau Radio

18andCounting at the Schlafly Tap Room, 12/18/14

It took me a bit
To get that the muffled mic
Was intentional

- link: 18andCounting

The Conformists at the Schlafly Tap Room, 12/18/14

They have finally
Figured out how to play songs
Love the new lineup!

- link: The Conformists

Animal Teeth at the Schlafly Tap Room, 12/18/14

It's funny to think
That these types of punk rockers
Used to be scary

- link: Animal Teeth

Ben Hanna at the Schlafly Tap Room, 12/18/14

Heard Ben Hanna sing
And it almost broke my heart
Good to have him back!

- link: Grandpa's Ghost

The Supermen at Pop's, 12/16/14 (guest haiku by a guy outside smoking after the show)

"What the fuck was that?
I've never been embarrassed
At Pop's in my life!"

- link: The Supermen

Middle Class Fashion at Plush, 12/13/14

Weddings are measured
In smiles from the bride and, man,
The bride was beaming.

- link: Middle Class Fashion

Gloom Balloon at Plush, 12/13/14

Every single time
We're totally in awe of
This love explosion

- link: Gloom Balloon

Loot Rock Gang at Plush, 12/13/14

It's talent dressed up
In Cowboy Curtis costumes
For your enjoyment

- link: Loot Rock Gang

Braining at the Revisionist Inn, 12/08/14

They didn't even
Play their own tape release show.
So, glad they made it!

- link: Braining

Fecal Dam at the Revisionist Inn, 12/08/14

Let's see if I can
Put in my ear-plugs before
I go straight up deaf

- link: Fecal Dam

Garth Brooks at Scottrade Center, 12/07/14

Jet black cowboy hat
And a twinkle in his eye
Dude still delivers

- link: Garth Brooks

Roland Johnson at Beale on Broadway, 12/03/14

The voice is all right,
But it's not the voice that counts.
This guy's a showman.

- link: Roland Johnson & Soul Endeavor

River Kittens at the Livery, 12/03/14

What's that precious sound?
I thought this night was over!
Most angelic shit!

- link: River Kittens

Piano Bobby Schuster at the Hideaway, 12/02/14

"I'm doing pretty
Good for a one-hundred-and-
Thirty-year-old guy!"

The Bottle Rockets at Off Broadway, 11/29/14

On Saturday night
The best God damn band in town?
The Bottle Rockets.

- link: The Bottle Rockets
- via reader Dana Smith

Popular Mechanics at CBGB, 11/29/14

"This is the first song
We played when we first started, five
years ago." Still fresh!

- link: Popular Mechanics

The Humanoids at CBGB, 11/29/14

Hear that sublime sound?
It's two brothers, singing

- link: The Humanoids

The Bottle Rockets at Off Broadway, 11/29/14

Outrageously good.
These dudes are the masters of
Midwest rock and roll.

- link: The Bottle Rockets

Pabst Presents: The Blackest of Fridays, No Coast 3 Year Anniversary Party at Saint Liborius Church, 11/28/14

Church of Sk8tan raged
Punk rock bloody pit chaos
Black friday heroes

- link: event

Roland Johnson at Hammerstone's, 11/28/14

He sang all the hits
And we cried happy tears when
They did "Stand By Me"

- link: Roland Johnson & Soul Endeavor