Ultrasounds at Heavy Anchor, 08/14/14

They're like that cool band
You'd hear on some sampler disc
And get obsessed with

link: Ultrasounds

OK Go at the Old Rock House, 08/13/14

Been seeing these dudes
For thirteen years now. Tasteless
Jokes aside: still rock

- link: OK Go

DJ Mahf at the Old Rock House, 08/13/14

People there didn't
Want a DJ. Weird booking.
Made me believe, though.

- link: DJ Mahf

CaveofswordS at Melt, 08/09/14

Best chill wave I've seen
Since Black Tape at Cicero's
Back in '98

link: CaveofswordS

Demonlover at CBGB, 08/07/14

The music just pours
Out of them without filter
Most important band!

- link: Demonlover

SkareKrauRadio at CBGB, 08/07/14

Most of these noises
Sounded like songs. So was this
A good or bad show?

- link: SkarekrauRadio

Skarekrau Radio at CBGB, 08/07/14

I have never heard
Skarekrau vocals as clearly
As tonight. CHLOE!

- link: SkareKrauRadio

The Cult at the Pageant, 08/06/14

No "Fire Woman"
Thorogood meets Morrissey
If Ribfest was good

- via reader Ryan Z.
- link: The Cult

The Baseball Project at Blueberry Hill, 08/06/14

The baseball banter
Is mostly over my head
But the songs sound great

- link: The Baseball Project

Henry Daggs at Chill Dawg Cove, 08/03/14

Pocketknives galore
Prob'ly cool songs, too; I showed
Up late. Heard BEARS!, though!

- link: Henry Daggs

Washington Beach Bums at the Heavy Anchor, 08/02/14

Quoth Dan-O: "There's a
Band who does what the Chill Dawgs
Do, living elsewhere?"

- link: Washington Beach Bums

Washington Beach Bums at Heavy Anchor, 08/02/14

Rocket From The Crypt
Meets Andrew W.K.
Punk rock! Horns! Party!

- link: Washington Beach Bums

Vanilla Beans at Heavy Anchor, 08/02/14

Off-tuned & spaced-out
Mostly fun-comfortable, though
Were they all just baked?

- link: Vanilla Beans

Black James at Schlafly Tap Room, 07/31/14

I get that it's weird
But more mugs ought be movin'
To these abstract beats

- link: Black James

Little Big Bangs at Schlafly Tap Room, 07/31/14

Less instrument swaps
But still all of the chaos
The new songs are great!

- link: Little Big Bangs

Demonlover with Eric Hall outside BANK Projects, 07/27/14

Weirdos with skills plus
Neighborhood kids on the mic:
Parking lot magic.

- link: Demonlover
- link: Eric Hall
- link: video

Dave Stone Free Jazz Unit at Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center, 07/27/14

Great to see a sweet
"Dave busts out the clarinet"
Show. Plus synths / trombone!

- link: Dave Stone

Curt Oren at Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center, 07/27/14

Warning: Baritone
Sax like this guy played, should be
Done at your own risk!

- link: Cult Oren

Dear Rabbit at Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center, 07/27/14

It's cooler when he
Plays accordion with horn
Or, accordion

- link: Dear Rabbit

Lions Eat Grass at Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center, 07/27/14

Accordion / drums:
Good combo, weird rhythms, but
Put yer shirt back on

- link: Lions Eat Grass

Billy Joe Shaver at Old Rock House, 07/18/14

Pretty good, for a
Or, anyone else

- link: Billy Joe Shaver

Beck at the Pageant, 07/16/14

Danced like James Brown's ghost!
Sean Lennon, dressed like his dad,
Helped with Cape Routine.

- link: Beck
- via reader Stephanie Tolliver

Seaby & the Rules at the Livery, 07/15/14

"Name a cheesy song
From the 90s, I'll play it."
Deep Blue Something: Check!

Lesbian Poetry at the Livery, 07/15/14

The guy next to me
Turned and said about ten times:
"They are *really* good."

Cat Gag at the Livery, 07/15/14

Two gals named Katie
One asks, "Is this too loud now?"
As if that's a thing.

Veruca Salt at the Firebird, 07/13/14

Cheap Trick-level hooks
Plus lady harmony roars?
Reunion approved.

- link: Veruca Salt

Alice Cooper at Verizon, 07/09/14

He brought out the snake!
Play "Poison"-- yeah, that's my jam!
This dude's still got it.

- link: Alice Cooper
- via reader RJ Swansin

Mötley Crüe at Verizon, 07/09/14

My first love you were
But you have lost your live wire
Closure with a cringe

- link: Mötley Crüe
- via reader RJ Swansin

Future Folk at the Gramophone, 07/08/14

They made me believe
With Intergalactic Folk:
The best kind! HONDO!

- link: Future Folk

Agalloch at the Firebird, 07/06/14

Agalloch only band
"Falling Snow" tingles my loins
Unique aural bliss

- link: Agalloch
- via reader Casey Purtle

Gloom Balloon at BANK Projects, 06/29/14

I have never seen
Johnny Vegas grin that big
An act of pure joy!

- link: Gloom Balloon

Christopher the Conquered at BANK Projects, 06/29/14

He'd be full of shit
If everything he said
Wasn't gospel truth

- link: Christopher the Conquered

Seaby & the Rules at BANK Projects, 06/29/14

I'm sure they've not heard
Ed's Redeeming Qualities
But they're the new them

The River Monks at the Heavy Anchor, 06/26/14

A couple of those
Vocal breaks made me feel things
Odd-Folk transcendence

- link: The River Monks

Allah-Lahs at the Firebird, 06/16/14

Just one odd complaint:
When a band is just too good
Sometimes I get bored.

- link: Allah-Lahs

Horse Thief at the Firebird, 06/16/14

Fucking terrible
Yusuf Islam time traveled
To slap-a da bass

- via reader Anni Coonfield
- link: Horse Thief

Eric Hall at BANK Projects, 06/15/14

I watched his fingers
Play Dance Dance Revolution
It sounds pretty cool

- via reader Mabel Suen
- link: Eric Hall

The Flaming Lips at the Pageant, 06/10/14

How do they do it?
The lights drop and suddenly:
Amplified magic

- link: Flaming Lips

Jason Hutto at the Tap Room, 06/07/14

Hutto's solo tunes
Are skeletons dressed up in
Feedback and static

- via reader Dana Smith

Cher at Scottrade Center, 06/04/14

Fifty years of hits
Then flying over the crowd
Follow THAT, bitches!

- link: Cher
- via reader Steve Carosello

Cher at Scottrade Center, 06/04/14

Screams and sequined jeans
Women's room line stretched for years
For the GrILF of pop

- link: Cher
- via reader RJ Swansin

Cyndi Lauper at Scottrade Center, 06/04/14

Basic bitches danced
For "Girls Just Want to Have Fun."
I danced the whole time.

- link: Cyndi Lauper

Finn's Motel at Off Broadway, 05/31/14

Three guitars on stage
That's what's needed to counter
Steve Scariano

- link: Finn's Motel
- via reader Dana Smith